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Slankamen Spa

Slankamen SPA – Stari Slankamen Vojvodina


The ancient natural healing resort, Slankamen Spa, is situated on the eastern grades of Fruska Gora, in he south-east Srem (Vojvodina), near the town of Stari Slankamen.
It spreads along the Danube’s right bank, at only 80 m altitude – 20 km south-east of Indjija, 55 km from Belgrade and 50 km south of Novi Sad.

Slankamen Spa on Danube river

The water of this Spa (28°C) is salty-iodine, of the chloride-sodium type. It mostly contains salts and iodine, but its curative properties are also enhanced with the presence of magnesium, strontium, kalium…

It is applied only by bathing. Slankamen Spa is included among the oldest natural healing resorts in Serbia. There had been a settlement in the area of Slankamen even before the Romans came to this region. In the times of Ancient Romans, a military fortification –Castrum Acumincum – was raised there (then the seat of a Roman legion and of a portion of the river fleet), so it is highly probable that the curative Slankamen water was used at that time.
The remains of a Turkish bath (hamam) dating 1566, raised above a hot water spring, point to using of the thermal springs by the Turks who invaded the area in 1521. (In 1702, travel writers described this health resort as a “well arrayed Turkish Spa with a salty water spring”.)

First chemical analysis of the mineral water was made in 1876. As early as 1900, the water was designated as curative, which was the reason for establishing the “Slanjaca” Shareholding Association.
Six years later, when the Salty Bath and “Slanjaca” Inn were raised. The Spa’s first administrator was the landowner, Nikola Petrovic The Association used to landscape and build the Spa until 1910.

After the Second World War, the health resort had initially been converted into a military hospital and then, in 1947, the Spa was reopened for the general public.
Intensive renovation was initiated and the Spa buildings modernized, its park reconditioned, while new salty springs were opened…
“Borivoje Gnjatic” Specialized Hospital is the promoter of the medical function of Slankamen Spa. This well staffed and technically modernly equipped medical institution provides hydro-therapy, electro-therapy, kinesis and working therapies in curing, rehabilitating and preventing neurological diseases, post-traumatic and post-operative states, while it is specifically specialized in healing hemiphlegia (stroke).

Besides the Special Hospital, accommodation in private homes is also available in Stari Slankamen.